What is The World of Victoria Beckham

Born from Victoria’s own values, The World of Victoria Beckham is elevated beyond the individual. It brings to life the unique characteristics that Victoria herself embodies—warm, empowering, fun, and sophisticated. Much like Victoria, The World of Victoria Beckham invites others in to participate in the VB lifestyle while always evolving to explore new experiences, perspectives, and subjects.


Conceived in 2019 out of Victoria Beckham’s design studio, The World of Victoria Beckham was started to pull together Victoria’s beauty essentials, fashion recommendations, cultural happenings, along with serving as a direct channel to interact with her community, answering their questions about health, wellness, and style. The World of Victoria Beckham serves to act as a friend providing expert advice and commentary in a relatable manner.


We believe in an approachable and factual based focus on educating and informing. Our team goes beyond the surface to provide in-depth coverage of the issues important to you. Anything we post reflects our unyielding commitment to highlighting the things deserving of our community’s attention; therefore, above everything, we value you and your enthusiasm and engagement with The World of Victoria Beckham.